Subati Group Ltd (formerly known as Subati Flowers Ltd) was incorporated in Kenya in 2007. It started off as a boutique 12 hectare rose farm and has since grown to 100 hectares and exports over 80 million stems of 180 varieties to over 25 countries around the globe. Our farms are located in Northern Kenya on the slopes of the Great Rift Valley at altitudes of 2,300m above sea level, giving rise to exceptionally high quality big head flowers.

We work closely with breeders in searching for new varieties while staying up to date with market trends to offer a wider assortment.

In 2016 we decided to diversify our Agri portfolio by setting up a herb farm located in Kibwezi, 300km South of Nairobi. We currently produce over 15 different types of herbs including chilies in 25 hectares of covered greenhouses. Each greenhouse has an automated fogging system to control the humidity and temperatures within.

We are now exporting packed herbs to Europe, UK and Russia with the highest quality standards and global certifications.

The Subati brand is very well known and we continue to be the preferred supplier to the world!

Our Farms